Hassan Alameddine, asks God to give him more time so he can draw his muse and dream partner, Janan: “I am practicing portrait drawing because I want to draw Janan in a way that reflects her true identity.” With a voice overcome with tears he says: “After that, I don’t care if I die the same day.”

علم الدين يسأل الله أن يمد بعمره إلى يوم يرسم فيه ملهمته ورفيقة أحلامه جنان. أتدرب على رسم البورتريه، لأني أريد أن أرسم جنان بأبهى صورة تعكس حقيقتها. ويضيف بصوت يغلبه البكاء من دون أن يزعزع ثقته أو ثبات كلماته بعد ذلك، لا يهمني إن مت في اليوم نفسه

Talent is truly a rare and precious thing, when it is nutured it transforms into a blessing to the artist, to the loved ones around him to the fine art seekers all over the world.


Hassan Alameddine was a great painter, who really bloomed near the end of his life, when he fell in love and married his muse. He later on overcame partial paralysis by using his left hand when his right arm was paralyzed by a brain stroke, for he could not imagine his life without his art and he also knew how much his beautiful painting to his muse.


The shear simplicity and beauty of his paintings are true witness to his greatness.